Mohave is a Bay Black Alpaca born in 2008. He has very interesting color on his neck and face that sets him apart from our other black alpacas. He loves his treats and is more interested in humans that some of the others. His coloring is great for making hats as well as wall art and yarn. His neck fiber is my favorite for felting hats. His blanket is great for softer felt projects and to have made into yarn.


Pepper is our Great Pyrenees that protects the ranch. She was born in 2015 and has been protecting the alpacas since she was a little puppy. She has the perfect mellow personality of a Pyrenees, but she is definitely on the small side (only about 80 lbs.) We are hoping her small size will keep her healthy a long time. Her favorite spot is usually sleeping in the middle of the alpacas hay.